Answering the call to serve with compassion and commitment

Real estate agent Chadwick Harris leans on personal ethics in successfully guiding clients along their buying and selling journeys.

By Spectacular Vernacular

Thomas Manemeit speaks fondly of his homebuying experience from nearly eight years ago. The Jacksonville, Florida, resident says his representation made all the difference.

Chadwick Harris, a real estate agent licensed in Florida and Georgia, assisted Manemeit throughout the entire process to ensure he got the exact type of property he wanted and at a great price. Harris even kept in touch with Manemeit long after the sale was complete to make sure he remained happy with his new home.

“Chad was extremely helpful in the purchase of my house while I was deployed,” said Manemeit, a military veteran. “He was very receptive to the style of house I was looking for and searched for houses that matched rather than push houses I was not interested in.”

Manemeit’s words are among the scores of glowing client reflections that have been shared about Harris over the years. For Harris, being an effective agent means tapping into longstanding personal focal points: authentic relationship building, compassionate service and unwavering dedication.

“I have always been an empathetic person and believe in putting the needs of others first,” said Harris, an agent with Keller Williams First Coast Realty, which serves Jacksonville and the rest of Northeast Florida. He also works as a sales agent with Elevate Commercial Real Estate, based in the Atlanta metro area.

“It is an honor to be trusted to guide someone along their buying or selling journey,” Harris said.


Before getting into real estate, Harris served in the U.S. Army as an intelligence officer. His seven years of full-time service included a deployment to Afghanistan.

Spend time with Harris and you will quickly discover how principled he is. The New Jersey native lives by an ethos of personal accountability and is continually driven by a mission-focused disposition. He thanks the Army for helping him lean steeply into those values. 

In addition to his ethics, Harris possesses a never-ending hunger for knowledge and growth. He remains abreast of market trends and spends time reflecting on how to best serve his clients.  

“The world is everchanging and the housing market is a reflection of what’s going on in the overall economy,” Harris said. “These changes obviously impact clients in significant ways. I’m attuned to the stressors buyers and sellers face, and it is key for me to serve as a calming presence for them.”  

Harris likens buyers and sellers’ real estate journeys to puzzles that continue to change shape. And if you’ve ever gone through the homebuying or selling process, you likely know how valuable an agent can be in solving those proverbial puzzles.

“When making real estate transactions, you need to get everything right. There is no mulligan,” Harris said, using a golf reference to emphasize his point. “An agent is going to save you more than cost you. It’s key to have somebody on your side to navigate what can be a treacherous process. A lot of steps are involved.”

Lucille Selvidio, who sold a house several years ago in the Jacksonville area, knows quite well about the process and lauds Harris for his helpfulness, professionalism, dedication and expertise.

“I felt really comfortable contacting Chad at any time. He was always patient with my questions and concerns,” Selvidio said. “I highly recommend Chad. He is a guy who is literally not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard for his client. ”

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Florida, contact Harris at (904) 894-3313 or [email protected].

For Georgia-based real estate needs, contact Harris at XXXXX.